Monday, March 3, 2014

Dakota and LAW Play Skunk Anniversary 25 Year Anniversary Show

Dakota has a band, I've mentioned it before, and they are called LAW. ( click on name to link to their FB page )

Dakota is the rapper/bass player, Nick is the drummer and Jake is lead guitar/vocalist. They have some original material that is really good- there are two songs that stand out for me, one Dakota wrote called Enormous that might be my favorite? ( It's at 7:49 of the video I link below.)

They just played their biggest show yet- the 25 anniversary of Skunk Records. They opened for Slightly Stoopid and then Perro Bravo and more played. Mr. Curry and I wanted to go so badly but it was on a Thursday night and far away, so we couldn't be there. We do have the next best thing, though- the whole thing on You-Tube. Check part One out here.  

I am so proud of Dakota Wolf that it reduces me to cliches. That kid… he is nineteen. He goes to college full time, ( probably majoring in Music Business ) works and practices with the band, writes music and plays shows. When he moved to Long Beach with Jake, Dakota was still a little wobbly on bass. Now he plays great bass, learned guitar, mixes, writes rap lyrics and now raps WHILE playing the bass- as he does here in the Skunk concert. Playing bass while rapping is pretty unusual and I don't know of anyone else who does it. He puts so much time and effort into the band, and his professionalism is not going unnoticed in the Long Beach  music community. 

I mean… this is my first born child. And I love him and like him and am deeply proud of the person he is. He's a beautiful, loyal, kind and brave person. He is open minded and embraces the wide world. He is curious about people and likes people- He makes everyone around him feel heard and seen. He is respectful and confident without being arrogant or cruel. He stands up for people when necessary, and he is willing to do the harder right thing. Because of these things, he is deeply loved by his friends and liked by most everyone who meets him. He is always learning and incredibly open to change, even for a person his age. He is eager to learn about almost anything that comes his way. He is beloved by all of us in this family and we are so lucky that he moved away but not so far we go months without seeing him. In fact, we usually get to see him at least one weekend a month, sometimes more if we go to a show.

It makes me so happy I could cry. 

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