Friday, March 21, 2014

People In Your Neighborhood

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My friend Jane Devin has written an Ebook:Hunger Like Love I started reading it yesterday and was immediately impressed with her confidence and the unique and fluid- and interesting- way she puts the story together of a young boy shuttered through foster care. Support independent, hard working writers who work so hard to bring art to this world and receive very little in return. Jane did this all herself and you can get a great read for under $6.00

This essay in Mothering on the sibling left behind after her sister dies of cancer is so incredibly touching. 

NYT essay on sex during older age is hilarious: Was It Fatal For You, Darling?

My latest Budget Fashionista: How To Colorblock your clothes!

I love this theory on what really happened on the last episode of my favorite TV show ever, The Sopranos

Mick Jagger's heartbreaking short words on the suicide of L'Wren.

I have a fascination and love for wolves, beginning with my reading in elementary school of novels featuring wolves ( I love White Fang ) or their kin, and continuing when I named my first born Dakota Wolf. When Dakota was in middle school, he was a member of the Wolf Society in Julian, CA, and we went to visit the amazing wolf preserve. This piece on the wolf as American hero resonates.

Some of the  most amazing oil paintings, by Silvia Pelissero

There are three faces of missing people on this page: Take a quick look.  Social media has found many missing people, including a recent kidnapped boy, found by the hotel manager who had seen his face on a Facebook photo that was shared. 

There are many immigrants, illegal and legal, here in San Diego where I live. When I was in high school, I did a social studies paper on the illegal immigrants living in the canyon behind my house, and took pictures. We are still talking about them: The Lost Boys of California

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