Wednesday, August 17, 2011

i love you, ever elizabeth

your fingers are my delight
petit eclairs
tiny pudges of delicate, careful grasping
oh, the look on your face when
you watch your fingers take hold of a thing
the concentration softening to pleasure
a strong satisfaction in your eye.
it is with great pride i learn you
and how you are greeting this world.
a strong spirit, but kind
like a deer.

- i facebooked:
look at my daughter! in her sleep
in the dark
she rolled over my ice cream wrapper
the wrinkle it made
her fingers find and clasp to her chest
those tiny hands moving slowly
like a conductor
creating the crinkle sound that is your favorite
and a small smile on your lips
as you slept
i could have cried with joy

you sit slumped like an old lady
head against my breast
nipple halfway in your mouth
forehead dripping in sweat
nursing carelessly and sloppily
your fat cheeks
a hydrangea red.


clearness said...

This is so beautiful. You always, ALWAYS have a way with your words. Paints a beautiful picture.

Ms. Moon said...

I know. It's too much to bear sometimes, isn't it?

Hannah Stephenson said...

So very full of love.

Misfits Vintage said...

Fat cheeks hydrangea red.

I just love it. Such beautiful love.

Sarah xxx

Caroline said...

Reading this made my heart feel full.

Beautiful, Maggie. Perfect!

anymommy said...

Motherhood described. I love the way you love her.

Lone Star Ma said...

SO gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Prettier than anything...

Nicki said...


Laura said...

So Sweet...

Annie said...


Jen said...

Your writing is so intimate and clear. I love it.

This is beautiful.

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