Friday, August 5, 2011

an irish-american insistence

Dear Mr. Curry,

let me tell you what i heard today:
a man left his wife with five young children-
an Orthodox Jewish man-

to have sex with this great looking broad.
the wife?- she waited years
just to have this schlep back.
i mean, damnit, she has FIVE KIDS.

i guess she figured,
how else will the lawn get mowed?
who else is going to want me?
it's hard out there. the world is cold.

and yesterday, i was informed
a woman i know had cheated
with the guy she knew from her daughter's
soccer team.

i suppose those extra innings
were really exciting.
then there was the other guy,
married, who i know would have slept with me.

if i'd have made a gesture, to let him know: yes.
and X's husband left her to have,
as he delicately put it
'sex with good looking girls before they don't want me anymore'

(i guess he didn't get the memo)
anyway, if you've watched Woody Allen at all
this is not surprising.
summation: lust, love, marry, crisis, cheat.

we have love like i dreamed of
and never thought would happen...but then
have you seen Frieda?
of course- you don't get drunk and paint murals.

i know. i can hear you already.
and you are right- we aren't them.
but darling i'm a woman,
and inclined toward concern.

also, these factors must, like the Sabbath, be observed:
ee is eight months old, our oldest is sevengodamnteen,
those things we talked about, and the fact
that i'm extremely vain. like a peacock.

but also, to be fair to myself (hm)
i am the gatekeeper. i watch our marriage
and tend to it with love, keep it hot.
your part: pork me. a lot.
so you must chase me
like a fox chases the rabbit.
and with great intent.
i am never going to stop
expecting you to look at me
with that fire in your eye.
when we are eighty,
we'll have our own 'special underwear'.
the Mormons don't have a patent!
there is an entire soul that permeates
the skin, and we will never be done knowing each other.

so you married me, my man.
love me and gave me some beautiful babies.
give me your heart and your mind and fire!
but never forget to insist on desire.

that, and good alcohol.
i love you,

Mrs. Curry

tonite was awesome.
the other night was awesome too.
i'm a lucky girl
Cid said...

Love this. After 22 years of marriage my thoughts exactly! I think I will print it out (with your permission) and tape it to our bathroom mirror.

tiffany said...

I'm glad I was online when you posted this, it was such a good read before I have to start the day. I love the entire piece, thank you Maggie for keeping it real about "being a woman and inclined toward concern"

Lone Star Ma said...


RealLiveHousewife said...

Thank you for this! I want to call you "The Bukowski for modern mama's like me". My friend's husband is cheating and they're divorcing. It's been messing me up in the head. Did I say thank you? I mean I love your writing.

Ms. Moon said...

And Mr. Curry is the luckiest man.
It is impossible and stupid to be completely complacent about the state of one's marriage.
You are wise.

Drax said...


Laura said...

This is awesomeness.

Elizabeth said...


You're in the line of a Sexton, Kumin, Parker, Shakespeare -- anyone who uses innuendo to such startling and sexy effect.

Just wow.

Anonymous said...

i smiled when i read this...
i love your poetry so much! yes, i think the same things, we are female.
we are not frieda....

Stephanie said...

You are awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Hot hot heat!!!!

72street said...

Maggie, if I wasn't marrried I would marry you.

72street said...

Maggie, I love this poem. If I wasn't married I would marry you.

Amelia said...


Caroline of Salsa Pie said...


I think it's absurd to think that even the most secure marriage isn't prone to a bump in the road.

I like how you and the Mr. spice things up. You are a wise, wise woman. :)

Petit fleur said...

Love the love notes.

Still Life With Coffee said...

WOW!!!! this was perfection. Same thoughts are going through my mind these days. But you just write the heck out of it. Thank you!!

Courtney said...

i love this

Darcy said...

nailed. it.
and yes i worry that dave will leave me. i tell him that if he did I would laugh him tho because he'd miss out on me. dumb sucker. and then i finish the dishes :-)

Mwa said...

I love this one. x

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