Monday, August 15, 2011

This Momma Lost Her Baby.

Through a series of clicks I cannot remember, I came across a blog that knocked the breath out of me. A momma just like me, a momma who loves her babies one million infinity, just watched her little 7 month old baby girl Ruby die of liver failure. They were trying for a donor. There was nothing else they could do.

Life is incredibly resilient and breathtakingly fragile. Life goes on and yet it ends. Whatever it is I understand about life feels tiny and insignificant next to the death of someone's baby. It is in that kind of losing that I understand nothing and that in the same moment I understand nothing matters to be understood if I don't understand how to love. I will hold on to this post that I present to you here for as long as I can, print it out, keep it in a file, next to my desk, anywhere I can reach for it in moments of great stress or frustration and get perspective. That is what happened for me today. I think it will feel that way to you too. But this isn't about me. It's about this Momma and her baby. It is not her most recent post, so after you read this, maybe you can visit her most current entry and leave some words of love. Here is the post that moved me.

My heart is aching for her and the Daddy and the older sister. They are in my prayers.

Elizabeth said...

For some reason, I had heard about this, too, and can only marvel at the "smallness" of this beautiful big blog world. Perspective is such a baffling thing -- it would seem that we could have it when we read stories like Ruby's, but somehow it generally comes only when imposed.

Hannah Pratt said...

Much needed perspective.

Phoenix said...

So deeply, heartrendingly sad. I will go visit the blog.

Thanks for posting, Maggie May. Your heart is so huge and such an inspiration at times like this.

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