Saturday, August 13, 2011

These Things Are So Wonderful That They Are Illegal In 36 States, Including Hawaii

Michael from Badass Geek has his first short collection out on Kindle for Amazon, check it out here. Go Michael!!!

If you had cancer, could you feel like this? Think like this? Live like this? Oh I hope I would.

Etsy wish listing: Ever's poster, this pillow to make me smile every day, foxy for Mr. Curry, leggings for Lolawholovesleggins

I could get lost here and here

This book looks very compelling, I want to read it and maybe this weekend I might buy this or this

I'm using this list to help write my novel

And in an absolutely heartbreaking and beautiful post on a blog that touches on one of my deepest fears, the mother of two shares her husband's favorite pie recipe in the days after his sudden death of a heart attack.
Badass Geek said...

Thanks for the mention, dude!

oceangirl said...

thank you maggie. i'll check on them.

Ms. Moon said...

I am glad you have found Kathleen. She is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these, Maggie! When I was bored at a desk job I used to look at the Phobia List on a daily basis. Thanks especially for the link to In Jennie's Garden, what a touching, haunting, and strong post. xoxo

Marion said...

Great post, Maggie. I love the "Dear Photograph" blog most of all. Thanks for sharing!!

Kristen said...

i have been wanting this poster for ever. love your blog!
mikie and kristen

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