Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I've *Still* Got a Crush On Arrested Development

Tobias Fünke: Okay, Lindsay, are you forgetting that I was a professional twice over - an analyst and a therapist. The world's first analrapist.

One of my top five favorite T.V. shows ever. Let's review some of the plethora of reasons.

Michael: (speaking to his son, George Michael, a 13 year old) I saw you today! What were you doing downtown? Why weren't you at school?

George Michael: That wasn't me.

Michael: Mmm yes, I'm sure it was you.

George Michael, No, Dad, you must have me confused with the famous singer George Michael.

Michael: (hand half in the air, mouth slightly open as if to reply) .....

Another reason:

Tobias, the nevernude. (and the world's first analrapist)

Then there's:

Portia Rossi.

And the one Dakota always imitates:

Gob, the magician who does illusions NOT MAGIC TRICKS
and always says, as the family stands around trying to figure out a problem
Why do I have to do everything for this family!
even though no one asked him to help
or wants him to
or is even listening

(that's the line Dakota always says, and it always makes me laugh. i LOVE my kid. <3 )

Let's not forget the hilarious jailed father, the egomaniac fucked up mother who adopts an Asian boy who doesn't speak English to help her get chores done, and then can't even figure out what she thinks is his name is actually him saying 'hello' so that the rest of the family end up saying hello back and forth with him about five times every time they see him

'Onwong!' ' Oh, onwong!' -boy looks puzzled and repeats 'Onwong!' Family looks puzzled and repeats 'Onwong!'
back and forth with him about five times

Mom visiting her youngest son in the hospital, speaking to her oldest son Michael (the incredibly hilarious straight man, Jason Bateman)
'I'll be back, I'm going downstairs to the bar.'
'Mom, they don't have a bar. We're in a HOSPITAL.'
'Well no wonder no one likes these goddamn places!'

Then there is the narration: so funny and mysteriously and incredibly SATISFYING that I'd like Ron Howard to narrate my life, please. This is my favorite narration, ever.

I could go on and on and on. I LOVE THIS SHOW.
So does Mr Curry. I don't think I could love a man who didn't get this show.

Read all about it here

Summer Athena said...

I LOVE AD! We DVR the old episodes and watch them once a week!


galejade said...

Haha, I've never watched it but now I want to!

retina-marie said...

OMG, MEEEE TOO! I literally JUST re-watched the first season on Saturday. Nothing takes the blues away like AD. <3

Loved your post, and I always love your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

I totally LOVE that show, too. ;)

CitricSugar said...

A favourite that I pull out again and again and find more things every time. Skip Church's and Miss Temple's... My sister and I still greet each other with "Heeeeeyyy, sister." And we sent random quotes via text message every now and then...

Shana said...

This is hysterical because I just introduced my kids to season one and we are loving every minute of revisiting the Banana Shack.

Elizabeth said...

I only saw one or two episodes at the end of its run and was disappointed when it stopped. I'm headed over to Netflix, though, to see about renting the whole series. Thanks for the enthusiastic review!

Corinne said...

Best show ever :) This past winter I went through them all on Netflix, and haven't laughed that hard since!

Anonymous said...

You know, I think some of the guest stars were my favorite. Particularly Martin Mull as Private Eye Gene Parmesan. I laugh just thinking about Lucille's uncharacteristic screams of "OHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA YOU DID IT Agggggggaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!! whenever he popped out of his secret disguise/hiding spot.

Dari said...

We love it too! We have to pop in our dvd's every now and then. One of our faves is the blue man group episode.

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

You know, I read this the other day and I was feeling like a lamey, lame lame person because honestly, I can say I have never watched this show! How sad it that? I actually don't watch much TV. Baseball, Tennis and CNN. but aside from that I can never find anything I like. Although, with that being said, I do think Tina Fey is a genius and the time or two I have seen 30 Rock, I've liked it.


I had a "Mayo-egg" the other day. It was delicious (and disgusting and messy). I have also been "talking myself up around the water cooler" all week!

Darcy said...

DUDE I LOVE ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT AND MISS IT SOOOO MUCH!!!! I HOPE THEY DO THE MOVIE!!! ps i have a huge crush on jason bateman AND will arnett because of this show, i will seriously watch any of their movies :-)
Genius comedy genius. I am pretty sure when i meet people if they tell me they liked arrested development that i will like them.

superfizz said...

yes. love so much. I love so much that I cry with laughter after watching it.

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