Monday, May 13, 2013

Just So-So Stories

-I drove by a big white truck painted across the side with red letters SIEMENS What an unfortunate name for a company.

-Ever is fully potty trained minus pooping in her underwear the last two days. Cleaning poop out of underwear is five million times more gross and difficult than cleaning poop out of diapered butts. There is the underwear creamed with poop, first of all. Yesterday after dumping out Ever's poopy underwear into the toilet, the toilet clogged. I got the plunger and began working away at the clog. The plunger curled up on itself and I had to use my bare hand to uncurl it, and as I pushed at it, it uncurled in one big Snap! and flung poop water all over my face.

-Ian gave me an awesome mother's day card, with a sweet sentiment in it that ended:
 Keep it up! 

-I am watching Mad Men from the very beginning on Netflix. I'm now on Season 3 in the first few episodes. When we head toward bed at nite, Ever says ' Momma you watch Mad Men? He falling! '

And as he falls and falls and the camera pulls away to reveal Don Draper sitting with his arms out, drink in hand, and the music skitters and lands delightfully, she says ' He's OK! ' I'm loving this show.

-It was- is?- almost 90- degrees here today. The kids have been in the house most of the day, minus an hour in the morning and now an hour in the later afternoon. I'm running out of ways to keep them occupied. Ice cubes only go so far. Oh, I need to buy shaving cream! Thank you. Your welcome.

-Mr. Curry made a wonderful mother's day for me. I felt happy, loved, and lucky. Which was good because I've been in a state of constant anxiety the last few days. I needed a break. Today, back to the fear. Someone must sing me Soft Kitty.

-Ever has pneumonia. Thursday we went to the pediatrician- a new one- and left with antibiotics, albuterol for breathing treatments and a liquid steroid. She's much better now. The first few days were upsetting. Watching her breathe like that brings up the emotions of her first month of life when she was hospitalized with RSV.

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