Saturday, May 11, 2013

People In Your Neighborhood: Mental Health Edition

take heart, and read

My post originally up here at Flux is now up at Huffington Post: Wabi Sabi { Scenes From A Marriage} on bipolar, marriage and the story we make of our lives.

A brave, beautiful essay from Edenland on her recent hospitalization and diagnosis of Bipolar 11

What would have happened to Sylvia Plath with proper treatment and medication? Seeing Sylvia Plath With New Eyes

This article on helping the siblings of mentally ill or atypical kids is informative and compassionate.

Fish oil supplements 'beat psychotic illness' : I give my children fish oil supplements from the time they are toddlers, for a variety of reasons, but the preventative and stabilizing effect on mood is definitely one of them. I think anyone with a background of mental illness in their family is doing their children a huge favor by providing this. The study I link is not the only study to link fish oil to mood stabilization. There was a major study done in a prison, for instance, over a span of a year or two, that showed a great reduction in violent acts and behavior in the population after daily fish oil supplementation was introduced.

Natasha Tracy's informative, updated and honest blog, Bipolar Blurble

The blogpost everyone is talking about: ( at least, all the COOL mentally ill people, like me! ) Depression, Part Two from Hyperbole and a Half

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