Sunday, May 26, 2013

People In Your Neighborhood

lay down and read

This fascinating interview with Jaron Lanier absorbed me completely. ' The Internet Destroyed The Middle Class' The concept that online, people are doing the same work they used to do for pay for free is what has been bothering me, and something I've discussed with friends, for the last year or so. It feels like a lot of wheels that were spinning have begun to just fly off and bang into the ether online. What will happen next?

Conversations With A Two Year Old- I wish I had though of this. It's fucking awesome! And hilarious. This is exactly Ever. She tells Mr. Curry he can't talk to me evearay day. 

Gina Frangello wrote one of the best essays I've read on The Nervous Breakdown. ' This Is Happiness ' This is the kind of 'confessional' writing I cannot get enough of.

Cul-De-Sac poverty. Oh lord, the truth hurts. Remember when I wrote The Hotel New California? OK well read it anyway.

Fellow blogger, writer and mother JJ Keith writes this bold, honest piece on Salon ' Miscarriages Made Me Question Being Pro-Choice'

Embracing Your Hatred And Saving The World  This involved, emotionally challenging essay is worth the time. 

I really enjoyed this essay by Mira Ptacin ' Is Baby A Luxury? ' Well written and subjects near to my heart- I do wish that she would have circled back more to the question of her title.

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