Sunday, May 19, 2013

People In Your Neighborhood

take a seat and read!!

My piece on MindBodyGreen gives 10 tips to help a child with anxiety. Happy to be part of this awesome online magazine!

Programs to help kids in poverty are imperative to break the cycle, and Patricia Mainer is the living embodiment of that. Her story is so inspiring, and I'm glad she chooses to speak up and advocate.

Patrick Stewart tells his personal story of how the physical abuse of his mother affected him as a boy. He wants change. Make it so.

I have linked a few articles on breast cancer and the changing ideas about it's detection and treatment. This woman's blog chronicles her story and what is a perfect example of the ideas being discussed. She was diagnosed with DCIS and ended up going a different way for treatments.

A woman with bipolar discusses the movie Silver Lining Playbook and her decision to go public with her diagnosis. We watched the movie SLP a few weeks ago and I liked it- a realistic recounting of one story of bipolar.

I love this interview with Ian McEwan by Zadie Smith in The Believer. Ian McEwan's Saturday is one of the most engrossing books I've read in a while, and Zadie Smith's On Beauty is one of my favorite novels in general. Their discussion about writing is geek heaven for me.

Ice Cream Man To Rival: ' I Own This Town'   oh I love this.

Fellow blogger, writer and mother Jane Roper wrote this great piece for The Millions on publishing her book and the diagnosis of her daughter with leukemia.  

My piece on Budget Fashionista lists the 20 best pieces of fashion advice ever!

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