Monday, February 24, 2014

An Easy Way To Make A Difference: Help Save The Bees

My friend Dena Rash Guzman, the poet and entrepreneur extraordinaire, has taken a deep abiding interest in the plight of bees- and the resulting, devastating effect on our entire planet- and turned it into a mighty advocacy. Meet the Lusted Road Honey Co. & Pollinator Conservatory fundraiser on Indiegogo!!!

This is no bullshit. This is a real, serious and informed effort to start a bee colony conservatory on the beautiful Oregon lands where Dena lives. Look, all the important, persuasive information is on the site, as well as a beautiful video and photos of the conservatory. 

There are also some truly awesome packages as perks for the varying levels of contributors. 

Dena has a broad reaching plan which includes, among other things, hiring disabled people to work at the bee conservatory for a livable wage. There is really a reason for every one of us to care about this. Take a look!!
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