Friday, February 28, 2014

People In Your Neighborhood

take a seat and read!

This short film is 100% worth your fifteen minutes. Absolutely mesmerizing and human. As I Am resonates deeply with me because what I am most concerned with lately is what lack of connection- a human network of ancestors and community and support- is doing to us.

Listen to an interview with some writers from my publisher Shebooks on NPR

This essay resonated with me, I really like the voice and is just a good, brain biting read. Dear Friend, from My Life I write To You In Your Life

This is a very informative interview with Dr. Lustig who gave a well known lecture 'Sugar, the Bitter Truth' and has a book out. I am really working to balance my blood sugar better.

It's soooo, so good to read about people becoming activists, even if they are taking off their shirts to do so. I loved this article on Femen, a new protest group formed in the Ukraine. And if you are going to be naked, that girl's breasts are absolutely beautiful. I guess the fact that I comment on that is both the benefit and problem of using nudity for attention- it got attention, and here I am talking about it, but in the next breath talking about breasts. 

I just very happily discovered  Civil Coping Mechanisms, a 'selection of innovative literature and poetry'

Do you know Ram Dass? I watched a documentary about him on Netflix and then read about him online, finding his website. Try this: Dying is Absolutely Safe

My newest Budget Fashionista is How To Dress Like A Hipster On The Cheap -gives you links to hipster clothing on a poor man's budget

My friend Danielle writes a beautiful mother comfort for a friend who lost her baby, Solace

I have an enormous respect and interest in Hanna Rosin, I read everything she writes. She has a sharp, embracing intelligence and her writing is always brimming with important news and ideas that she puts together in a cohesive way. This essay Letting Go of Asperger's is a personal one about her son.

In Purple Clover, Aliza Worthington writes about her experience with anti-depressants.

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