Friday, February 14, 2014

People In Your Neighborhood

take a seat and read!
My beautiful friend Jillian Parker wrote part of this essay from the point of view of her son, and part from her own intelligently articulated point of view:  'Autism and a Boy'

Maggie Estep died last week at age 50 from a massive heart attack. She was a famous ( in literary circles ) spoken word poet and her former lover and best friend wrote one of the most insightful, compassionate and fully formed remembrances I've ever read. 

This essay by Emily Rapp, 'Los Angelitos' is just a gorgeous, enveloping experience of reading. 

I think I'm on way to having this: Julie Metz writes about her experience with frozen shoulder.

Rolling Stones writes Animal Cruelty Is the Price We Pay For Cheap Meat. About four  months ago, I started eating only humanely raised and killed meat. I care deeply and passionately about this issue and believe the way we raise and slaughter much of our meat will be, in the not too far future, be considered an embarrassing and upsetting part of our history. ( as it is now in my personal history ) There is no excuse for this kind of cruelty.

In the Chicago Tribune, a Shebooks author reviews Gina Frangello's book A Life In Men

These children are alive because somebody picked up a phone and called, despite their possible fears of retribution, of thinking 'maybe there is something I don't know', of thinking 'i don't want to be someone who meddles in others lives' or 'what if I'm wrong.' They took a chance for four children, and those four children are alive because they did.

Whenever one of these video essays on the way women are photoshopped comes out, I watch it with Lola and then discuss. Information is power.

I want to read this book and this book

The photos of Eudora Welty

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