Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lola and A List

Lola left for camp and I miss her. I mean, I really miss her.

Things that are driving me crazy, in no particular order:

How whenever I throw a piece of my hair out of the car window, such as from my shoulder, it immediately, every time, regardless of my careful attention to wind flow and angle, blows right back in the car. Makes me nuts.

Why people won't pin, post or tweet alerts or images of missing children. Why? It's so easy! There's all this talk about using social media for good! Everyone loves kids! It kind of makes me hate everyone.

That Ever re-discovered teepeeing the inside of the house.

How when I sit at the computer at the same angle of response for any real amount of time, the upper side of my buttcheek goes numb.

That Lena Dunham is supposed to be my best friend, and isn't.

That West Wing is so good, and I can't read at night because I can't wait to watch it on Netflix. I've been Tweeting this hashtag #thingsilearnedfromthewestwing  -for instance, that more people are killed every year by vending machines than wolves.

How when I chew gum in bed at night, I have to get up to put it away before I fall asleep, because if I just wad it up in something next to the bed, Ever might find it the next morning and chew on it. Say it with me: groooosssss

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