Sunday, February 2, 2014

People In Your Neighborhood

take a seat and read!
An interview with Benedict Cumberbatch- Lola and I are obsessed with Sherlock and have watched all available Netflix episodes, to our dismay. Could he have a better name? No. I follow Cumberbitches on Twitter, too.

Top five reasons to keep running.

What a beautiful use of technology- animation of classic paintings

Louis Peitzman writes about how the show Girls tackled the way writer's grieve

In another piece on Girls, why we love to hate Hannah Horvath so much. I loved this piece and agree.

A website that collects the reasons that life is worth living. Contribute yours.

Elizabeth Scarboro writes about being a young widow. I love her voice.

A mini-review of five Ebooks from Shebooks, my publisher. 

Sustainable, low mercury seafood 

This is a beautiful, empowering and simple thing one teacher did to help the students in her classes who were being left on the margins.

The word inspirational gets tossed around too often, but I found this woman's story on Manifest Station of how cancer took her leg, not her spirit, truly inspirational. 

This 60 Minutes program on our lack of support for mental illness is so important. Few things are more important in our country right now.

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