Friday, November 21, 2008

Magpie's Nest

Last night Mr Curry and I were the
happy attendees at the premiere opening of 101.5KGB's Dave Shelly and Chainsaw movie, No Brainer.

Mr. Curry won tickets online, and we
are long time listeners and huge fans of this morning talk show trio, going since 1990. This is Mr. Curry and I
with Dave, the lead on the talk show,
who is a sweetie, funny, smart and has a very sexy voice. Mr. Curry was unhappy to see that our picture was taken just as he gestured toward the man how large his penis was.

Or, he was showing him how to take the picture. ;)

Jenny Grace said...

I love your shirt!

Montgomery Maxton said...

thats anne sexton's dress/shirt pattern!

Kelsey said...

THANKS! I love your blog it's so fun to read. You're so witty hehe.

Kelsey said...

Thanks! I love you're blog it's so witty!

Patois42 said...

Oh, crack me up!

Unknown said...

What? Why wasn't I invited? Jeez, some people have all the luck.

Charlotte said...

aw, you look lovely.

i adore your daughter's name.
lola moon.
sounds like perfection.
she must be in the moon commitee. lucky girl.

lucky mummy.

ButtonHole said...

LOL on the penis!

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

very fun! It is so cool to win things! it doesn't happen often enough!

Lola said...

Sounds like fun. Ditto on the shirt love!

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