Monday, November 3, 2008

Peacocks and Pleasures

One is the loveliest number that you'll ever see.... when it is a phone call from your friendly nurse-practitioner who can't pronounce thorax explaining that your test results were entirely unassuming. In other words, it's all good. I'm such a superstitious nit it makes me very nervous to write those words it's all good as I immediately worry that God, Non-God or whoever runs the Supreme Court of the Earth will immediately smack me down as a lesson in humility. Smited.

Two is the loveliest number, it's the loveliest number since the number one... when it is Mr. Curry and I alone alllll through the night Saturday night. I cannot get my pictures downloaded ( curses you computer! curses! ) or I'd do an entertaining little photobox here. The children were happily dispersed, Mr. Curry and I had drinks ( I had a pomegranate margarita Oh Sweet Heaven in a glass, Mr. Curry his manly Jack and Coke, easy on the ice ) and then at home, I dressed...down. I took elements from my Halloween costume ( I was Ms. Hannah Montana's (otherwise known as Lola Moon ) chauffer ) and left some of them on the floor. What was left on my body was a newsboy cap, a dinner jacket over a tie, wicked shiny black pointy heels and a lot of skin. I rocked his world. Marriage=Heaven

Three is just a number, nothin but a number.... and the number of stores I went to this morning. I had a totally satisfying shopping trip to Wal-Mart ( I just started shopping there this year. It's horrible. But I like it. ) Starbucks and Target. I bought Mr. Curry Kid Rock's new CD and a big huge shiny silver bow for the top of it, which is now waiting for him when he gets home from work. I loooove Target's new line of paper- notebooks, stickies, folders. I got a fantastic peacock 3 ring binder to keep my torn out pages of inspiration from magazines in.

PEACOCK 1 Pictures, Images and Photos


Lola paintbrushes, paper, Zebra scissors (so cute!) for her Xmas stocking, a journal (she is obsessed with writing of the moment, and carries paper everywhere ) a pink sweatshirt (5$!!!)that has an adorable owl winking on the front

Dakota expanding file for saved school work, pens, colored pencils

Ian nothing! he is the hardest boy ever to buy for. He's positively spartan. Totally minimalist. The perfect boy to want to be a Special Ops agent.

Peacock Pictures, Images and Photos
hannah-rose said...

love the pics of the peacocks... v lovely.
your daughter's name is lola! now that is a nice name, it's on my list of names for my future children, however the list is pages long, so some of them will have to be cut (unfortunately).

sounds like you had a good halloween ;)

Jenny Grace said...

Does Ian need clothes?

Maggie May said...

ever, you mean? like, is he part of a middle school nudist colony cult?
he's not. he's just one of the rare birds that is completely content with the bare basics of what he has and never loses anything (well, hardly ever) so he rarely needs replacement things, like folders, binders, etc.

killpoet press said...

maggie maggie may.

fine place you have here.

Maggie May said...

jason from killpoet! hi there.
blog baby, blog.

michellewoo said...

Yowza. Hot stuff. I'm mildly jealous of your lovin' life, but mostly just ... warm. Is it hot in here?

Hila said...

oh dear, that is the loveliest photo; accompanied by some pretty beautiful words :)

Patois42 said...

I so love shopping for Christmas. Sounds like you scored a lot of great stuff. (Including a night alone with the man.)

Abby said...

Peacocks are so damn pretty.

I may just have to get my peacock feather earrings out tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me miss.

Im glad your friendly nurse practioner could not pronounce things so all was right with the world.

a pomegranate margarita sounds wild.

Abby said...

oh and glad you are backing obama. hooray

Valerie Loveland said...

I love the last peacock photo!

My mom is superstitious when talking about medical stuff too. It is hard and funny to try to talk to her about her doctor's appointments.

Lola said...

Good news on the test results, yay!
Fun night without the kids, yay!
Peacocks, yay!

ashley said...

pomegranate martini sounds divine~ as is that peacock!
x ashley

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