Thursday, December 4, 2008

under holiday ice

Grey Sky Pictures, Images and Photos

gone to mrs. basilworth's files*****

-maggie may ethridge
Magpie said...

such a strange turmoil of images and emotions - thank you.

Lola said...

Awesome, as usual!

Anonymous said...

MAG! I feel so blessed having you to wake up to every morning. You remind me of places I've been in my life and causes I've chosen to pick up. You remind me to fight the good fight. Ah shucks girl... I think I love you... LOL

Annie said...

The more I read and re-read this poem, the more I love it. Every words seems inevitable, an inter-related stream of consciousness within the mind of the writer.

I had a friend who once had Bell's Palsy, and it still effects her, so I can identify with that, as well.

Sara Christine said...

Just beautiful. xo

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