Friday, August 30, 2013

People In Your Neighborhood

take a seat and read!

Little irreplaceable, endlessly loved Emilie Parker was killed at her elementary school in Sandy Hook. Her parents started a blog called The Parker Five, and her mom Alissa wrote this post, Running Shoes. Devastating, powerful and a call to un-arms. I am with her.

This post by the Bloggess 15 Things You Must Know About Social Media or Your Face Will Melt Off And Get Eaten By Goats is funny, but also really just full of social media common sense as far as I'm concerned. A lot of what she says are truths that I have observed and believe myself. She makes me feel like less of a black sheep in the blogging world, and for that, gratzi!

The Fifty Best New Poets of 2013

Call it ' Not Your Momma's Disney Princess ' - this parody Disney song is hilarious and smart.

This photo essay is pure joy. Unusual, beautiful, funny and completely charming: Ballet Dancers In Random Situations  They should do Tom Cruise jumping on that couch ;)

Blogger Heather Solos just lost her sister to suicide. She took the time to write this impassioned and articulate post on organ and tissue donation, I urge you to read and think about your choice.

If you grew up with The Goonies and The Lost Boys as part of your DNA like I did, this post will alternately depress the hell out of you and make you laugh out loud. I Went To Corey Feldman's Birthday Party 

I enjoyed reading this interesting account of How Kat Cole Went From Hooters Girl To President Of Cinnabon by Age 32. While there weren't any surprises in her attitude or actions- never give up, always say 'yes' and figure out how later, dress for success, actions and attitude are more important than degrees- it is inspirational and empowering to read how a person took truths and made them into a wonderful life.

A worthwhile and truth telling piece by Evan Handler- who I absolutely adored as Charlotte's true love match on Sex and the City- about his dx as a young actor with acute myloid leukemia : 8 Steps To Surviving A Medical Crisis- The Realist's Rendition 

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