Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer 2013: the locals

see me, in this last picture, right in the middle? 

summer is drawing to a close here. we are savoring each day ( still marking off things on our 'Summertime' list pinned to the kitchen wall ) while taking a few days to prepare for school: shopping with Grandma, school supplies, and this Sunday Lola and I ( and Ever, although she didn't help so much as rearrange ) spent hours- all late afternoon and early evening- gutting her room, compiling a total of eight trash bags, pulling an enormous amount of everything from underneath her bed ( including a bag with spilled food and MOLD ) and dresser, creating an enormous laundry pile, scrubbing the dressers and bookshelves and beds and putting everything left back, neat and tidy and cute, followed by a vacuuming. And we still have to deal with her closet, which after peeking in, I could not deal with in the same day as the rest. She has a bookshelf in her closet, and books, that the last time I looked, were neatly piled in stacks. Now she has a bookshelf, a cluster fuck of books everywhere, toys and dolls piled everywhere, on which top clothes are piled, on which top- just to be sure every available inch was being used- there are many baskets piled in which is, you guessed it! more stuff!    ah. i asked a family friend who is in college- a smart, beautiful, kind and incredibly easy going girl that we all love- to take Lola out to lunch and talk all things Middle School with her, to ease her mind, and they went to Chinese today and did just that. Lola came home glowing. It's amazing how much the attention of a good hearted and kick ass super cool older girl does for a girl. That goes for me, too. :) I won't name names, because lots of ladies still bristle at being 'older', but there are some of you out there who are that, for me, and I hope I am that, for some of you.

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