Friday, August 9, 2013

People In Your Neighborhood

take a seat with Flannery OConnor and her peacocks, and read

It's hard for me to share this, because it's exactly the kind of story I was writing a few years ago. But I support this woman's beautiful writing and truth telling about her marriage.

I loved writing this one for Budget Fashionista: How To Wear Converse

Circumin reduces Alzheimer's symptoms by 30%: Brain Food

The incomparable Dena Rash Guzman writes for Dirt & Seeds:  People I Would Marry As a Polygamist 

My tailbone has been hurting for the past handful of days.

Hilarious, totally entertaining, great apartment, and free: Marriage and Other Tragedies ( your welcome xo )

Esme Wang writes about Healing From OCD ( plus, her blog in general is awesome and getting added to my reader )

I have mentioned him before on Flux- Loren Nancarrow has been a newscaster for what feels like forever here in SD- I grew up watching and liking him, as did everyone I know. He was diagnosed with brain cancer just months ago, and now his wife has written one of the most touching blog posts I've ever read: No Panicking Allowed, These Are The Easy Times

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