Friday, August 16, 2013

Probiotic Cleaning in San Diego with Naked Clean With OFFER!

Call it the best of being a blogger: a free house cleaning, in exchange for a blog post on Flux- and this cleaning company, Naked Clean, uses a probiotic cleaning system. The terms were simply an exchange- I received no guidelines of what to post here, other than a link to their blog. Where do I sign?

Naked Clean is a new cleaning company in San Diego that uses probiotic cleansers. Probiotic cleansers kill germs and bacteria for three days after they are used, making them the perfect tool for kitchen sinks and counters, toilets, sinks and anywhere else that germs proliferate. 

Probiotics are everywhere- in soil, on our skin and inside of us, specifically, inside our stomach and intestine, where they are crucial to a healthy immune system. Instead of using harsh cleansers ( which I have avoided for years ) Naked Clean uses probiotic cleansers, and as you can see by my counters and sink, they work not only to kill germs and bacteria, leaving a protective coating of probiotics, but they also leave a beautifully clean surface. My sink was as white as the few times I have caved and used Extra Strength Magic Eraser Cleansing Pads. 

Probiotic cleansers have health benefits, especially for anyone who suffers from a negative response to breathing in the chemicals used in regular cleansers. Probiotic cleansers are great for anyone who has breathing issues such as asthma or emphysema, for example, or anyone with allergies. 

Arranging an appointment was straightforward and easy, and I was given a on hour window in which the maids would arrive. They arrived on time and were friendly and quickly got to work after I insisted they have a glass of ice water from my kitchen- hot day! Each maid worked an hour and half, this is considered a three hour cleaning. Every area they cleaned was sparkling clean and smelled delicious to boot- like oranges. 

I even picked up a tip watching them clean: the person who was cleaning my grout lined kitchen counter top made a solution of the probiotic cleanser and then used a handle scrub brush to scour clean the grout- it has not looked that clean since the day I moved in! I am going out and buying a handle scrub brush. :)

The prices are ( I researched other cleaning companies for comparison ) very reasonable and on the cheaper side: beginning at $65.00 for five rooms.

Ending on a great note, I can offer anyone who mentions the  Flux Capacitor blog when making an appointment a $40 off reduction in services!  

Contact them here to make an appointment :)

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