Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Room of Endless Questions

"Intellectuals have proven to the world that you can have all this brilliance and still have absoutely no idea of whats going on."- Woody Allen

1. Why do Bellatrix and Ron Weasley still poop on the sunroom floor even though they own a very fine and clean litterbox in said sunroom?

2. How do I email people back from their specific comments on my blog post?

3. Is Oprah real?

4. Where did the thousands of pictures I can no longer find anywhere on my IPhoto go?

5. How can I make a copy of my novel on Word without copy and pasting it page by page, so that I can use said copy to mess with the whole structure without fearing irreperable damage?

6. I want to repaint my coffee table. How do I do this without filling in the lines that follow the rectangular top with paint? Right now the table is white and the lines are just the bare wood, carved into the table, free of paint. I can't just tape the lines because I couldn't make the tape perfectly fit the very thin lines and it would look very sloppy.

And Furthermore..

You guys rock! Thank you so much for all the helpful and and hilarious comments. I'll get back to you and let you know how things work out. I'm especially excited to be able to work 'better' on my novel now that I can have a safe copy.

Desiree said...

Beautiful room. I love the idea of many many books =)

katiecrackernuts said...

A1: No idea.
A2: No idea. Do you get your comments as an email alert? Just try hitting reply.
A3: No idea. Interesting question though. Am pondering.
A4: No idea. Hope they return.
A5: No idea, but the "Save As" function might help. You hit "Save As" and rename it.
A6: No idea. What about rolling playdough into the gaps, or oil. If it's waterbased paint, the oil should repel it. (Wow, just thought of that myself, probably won't work).

Sorry, I don't know much.

katiecrackernuts said...

Thanks for asking though.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I can offer thoughts on numbers 3 & 5.

First, for #5: Open the doc and then do "Save As" with a new name (or just add a 1 to the end of the doc name or whatever). Play around with the new copy and your old one stays untouched!

#3: Oprah is real! Very, very real. I love her. And her people have called me a couple of times (once about a job, and once because they were considering me for a show, I think--they saw a video I posted on YouTube that mentioned Oprah and The Big Give). They are everywhere! They see everything. Especially things about Oprah. (wink)

Maggie May said...

snort snort! that's about my reply to myself.

Kay said...

The answer is in the question...the beauty of it all.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, my God. I am stumped and have no idea about answers to any of these questions.

The one about the novel and Word makes me feel ill because I have the same issue with my memoir.

Maggie May said...

stella i love Oprah too. seriously. did you read the dennis leary book 'why we suck'- and the whole chapter about how he totally and completely is geared up to mock and destroy her with his sarcastic humor...and can't, because...she's so GREAT!

Maggie May said...

one day i fully expect to be featured as a novelist on her show.
thanks in advance, Oprah. :)

mosey along said...

Holy, talk about pressure. Alrighty let's have a go.

Your cats are pissed at you about something.
You can only hit reply on comments you receive if that blogger has set up their profile with an email address.
Oprah is totally for real. Even though I never watch her. But I still think she's awesome. Doesn't everyone?
Pictures - into the ether.
Novel, see your other lovely commenters answers.
I'm no Martha Stewart, but I think you can use some sort of furniture wax on the areas you don't want to paint? Don't ask me how, though.

Why am I still here? I have my own neglected blog to tend to.
It's been fun!

Maggie May said...

my kitties better NOT be pissed at me! they get milk with egg yolk as a treat, wet food, dry food, plenty of cuddles, and an entire room of their own! those wicked kittums.

Mwa said...

I think I saw someone do that nr 6 with a pretty dry brush or spunge or something very flat - that way, you only paint the top.

Anonymous said...

1) they are cats with their own ineffable ways (with an emphasis on the letters F)
2) I've often wondered that- please let us know when you find out
3)She's real and I know she is benevolent goddess but sometimes I could just use a dose of acceptance instead of self improvement project
4)Oh how terrible, my worst nightmare- that's why I have an external hard drive
5) Save As is the way- BTW- use another source too, ie. said external hard drive (paranoia will save us all)
6) finally (everyone sigh in relief) no friggin idea!

Love the room!
(My word veri is redsigh)

julochka said...

i can only help you with #2. you can answer people back directly if they have an email attached to their profile. if they do, that email address shows there. if they don't, it's called "no-reply blogger" and you can't answer them back directly.

i can also help with #5. just save as a new document with a new name and voila...

i did have an interesting/disturbing moment of picturing helena bonham carter pooping on the rug until i realized you were talking about cats...

good luck with the rest. :-)

The Fragrant Muse said...

#1 Poop: Try getting some lemongrass essential oil and adding it to a carpet scrubbing machine (like The Little Green Machine). Add about 20 drops. Or just add lemongrass and water to a spray bottle and keep on spraying the area where they do their duty. 10 drops of lemongrass to every ounce of water. That should deter them.

#2 Emailing Comments: Go to your blogger dashboard. Click settings. Click Comments. Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for "comment notification email" and add the address where you would like your comments to appear (they will be both on your blog and in your mailbox). After you read the comment, just hit reply and it will send a private message to your commenter.

#3. Oprah: I sure hope so. One of the things on my bucket list is to give her a massage.

#4 & #5 Not sure.

#6. I can't visualize it. Post a photograph and maybe you'll get some good ideas from your commenters.

Okay, now I expect a rely to this comment FROM YOUR EMAIL!

Aromatic Blessings, Liz

Beth said...

Note – I use a Mac.
Is the original novel a Word document? If so, open it, click on “Save As” (not “Save”) and type in a new document title (i.e. Novel 2). You’ll end up with two copies - the original and a second Word document to “mess around” with.
If the original novel is in a different application, open it, use “Select All” then “Copy” and then “Paste” to an open, blank Word Document.
Hope this makes sense & is helpful.

(I’m not sure about Oprah.)

hayley said...

I'll give a go at answering question number one. Would it be awful to put the litter box in the sunroom? Maybe it'll trick them and then you can slowly move it out?

By the way, I haven't commented about your poems lately, but they're sensational.

And sweet room, by the way!

nfmgirl said...

1. I answer your question with a question: How do I get my newest addition Shotsie (which I've had for a year now) to stop peeing all over-- especially ON MY KITCHEN COUNTERS??!! I just spent over $100 taking her to the vet and getting her treated for a bladder infection, and she is still peeing outside the box on occasion. Ugh!

2. The only way I've found is to access their blogger account, and get their email address from there.

5. Ditto to what everyone else has said. The easiest way is to use File...Save As to save it under a different name. That will give you two copies with two different names, so you can do whatever you want to one of them. The other I would archive on a CD or external hard drive for safe-keeping, in case your computer ever crashes.

Rachael said...

Can you paint the coffee table top by hand and use one of those cutting in brushes with the slightly tapered edge?

Try "save as" and rename it. Save it in two versions to your computer or a flash drive.

Friends and I tried to go to Oprah once (we lived in Chicago, why not?) and couldn't get tickets. We ended up having to see a taping of Jerry Springer (in the same building at that time) instead. Yeah. Not quite the same. But INTERESTING in a weird warped sort of way to see in person.

Lora said...

my cat is doing that too. I talked to a friend who is a vet and she said that it is most likely either that she is pissed at me (unlikely) or that she has some constipation issues and associates the litter box with pain.

I'll go with #2 since Tyler is an old girl. I've tried just about everything, but nothing is working. I keep telling myself that at least it isn't pee, but I'm getting fed up.

Also, yeah about just hitting reply, although I'm not sure about doing that when you have comment moderation. It might come through a filter that doesn't let you just hit reply. Also, the person commenting must have an email address tied to their blogger profile in order for that to work.

Ju said...

Can't help with any answers but I'm here for moral support :D

Ms. Moon said...

For number 5: Select (highlight) ALL. Copy. Paste it into a new, blank document. Save it with another name. You can do this endlessly and have versions all over the damn place. Yes. I know about this.

As to Oprah- I don't know. Yeah, she's great. But she has issues. That woman has issues! And don't we all?

Badass Geek said...

Oprah is an imaginary creature. Like unicorns and centaurs.

erin said...

I want to get a puppy and name his 'Weasley' so bad. I love Weasley.

krista said...

i'll help you save your novel if you help me get past page one on mine.

Petit fleur said...

Very funny. I love your kitty names.

Here are my suggestions.

1- try moving the litter box to a different location in the sunroom... maybe the location where they actually do poop... another thought, is they may not like that room for pooping. I think my kitty prefers it a little dim...? Oh! you can also try a kitty box with a topper on it. Some cats like privacy.. or if you have one, try taking the top off.

2-hmmm. If you want to email someone specifically... you can ask them to leave their email addy on your comments since you monitor them, you would be the only one to see the... then you can just delete it after you put it in your address book! voila!

3-She used to be... then she got rich AND drank the koolaid.

4-I donno where they go, but I feel a techi type person could help you out. There may even be a tech support number or website for said gadget...? That is a place to start.

5-I'm not exactly sure what you are asking here, BUT.. I think what Katie says maybe what you want. (to make a back up copy you can mess with?) If so, you can do a "save as" and save the second copy with a different name. Just go to the "file" drop down menu and look for the "save as" option. After you click it, it will be self explanatory. It will ask you where you want to save it and the new name you want to give it.

6- I like the katie crackernuts suggestion here too, and also you could try just taping it off and using exact-o knife to make the tape the right fit.. or paint the whole thing and then use turpentine with a q-tip to get the paint out of the gaps or a combo of the above.

That's all I got. Good luck!

YES Gallery + Studio said...

Hi Maggie,

Re: the coffee table - If you use a roller with a very light knap (meaning as smooth as possible, not one of the shaggy fellows) and you don't drench it with paint, you should be able to gently repaint the table without compromising the raw lines. If you don't like the look of the roller pattern keep a dry brush on hand and brush out the whole table (with the "grain" or shape") while the paint is still wet. Hope that helps..

xo Leigh

Babe in Babeland said...

Oh I absolutely LOVE your posts! Seriously. You are AWESOME.

My life is filled with a constant array of questions questions questions.

I do know if you do "Save As" you can just make a copy of your document. You can save it as a different name and that way the original is still the original and the "Save As" document you can do any sort of edits you want.

Thanks for being you and your kickass posts!

Babe in Babeland said...

P.S. -- Oprah is so real. And I am a total nerd, probably, because I'm going to tell you a secret. I really do love her. I think her generosity and spirit are beautiful. I want to meet her some day! (Not sure if you're an Oprah fan or not, but I definitely am! :-))

Anonymous said...

All very good questions. And I haven't a clue. But if you were to ask about something completely useless, I'd be your girl.

Laura said...

I am not much help with any of those. Although I do think Oprah is real. I really like her too.

Katy said...

Love it! What a brilliant room ! I'm not very good but maybe the cats are trying to exert authority and Oprah has to be real - she is the only God I believe in! And if she isn't then any religious aspirations I had will go to shit x

Bee said...

Well . . .um . . . I'm pretty sure that Oprah is real. Otherwise, I guess that I'm more proof of that great Woody Allen quotation.

Anonymous said...

I think Oprah was all mistaken eye witness testimony. You know how unreliable that can be. ~Mary

Deidre said...

I know nothing. But i've heard that kitties don't digest cow's milk that well...at least mine never did.

just making my way said...

That's a beautiful room.

I don't think I know the answers to any of those questions other then the one about emailing replies to comments. If the person commenting has an email attached to their profile you can email them directly. If the address say, "no-reply" something, something then they don't have that set up.

Life As I Know It said...

I'm afraid I do not know the answers to any of these questions...except maybe use the 'save as' option?

Oh, and no, Oprah is NOT real. Don't believe what you see on tv. It's all a facade.

jennifer said...

have you seen this nifty cat box??
maybe the kitties would dig it!
watch the video !!

Paula said...

Am I the only one who can not let go of the James Frey incident? I am a big grudge holder, I know, I'm working on it, but I think Oprah's reaction to Frey on national TV was questionable. Just can't love her like I used to. With power comes great responsibility.
About the photos, did you say you are on a Mac? Try looking under your finder menu from the desktop. Select "go" then "my computer" then "pictures" (left hand column) then "iPhoto library" (file) then "originals" (file). Search around in there a bit. I think mine save by the year and month, maybe...

Cat said...

1. Your cats are not actually cats, but are alien spawn from the planet Wherethefuck, and they were sent here to earth on a fact-finding mission, after which they will return to the mothership and relay specific details about how to conquer the planet earth, which is of course by distracting all the humans by pooping all over the place.

2. Well first, you contact Google and request that they update the Blogger formatting options to include "Less Douchey" and "Seriously, What Is Up With This Formatting", and then you wait for magic fairy dust to spurt from the unicorn growing out of the can of Spam in your pantry, and then you can click "reply".

3. Yes, and she tastes like chicken.

4.Did you not want me to steal those and sell them to the Russians? My bad.

5. Well, you can "copy" your novel and "save as" the copy under the name of "changes to my novel", and then after making dozens of changes, deletions and additions, click "save" again and then decide you hate everything you just did, but when you go back to the original copy, you realize that instead of clicking "save as", you clicked "save", thereby overwriting your original copy with all of the changes that you hate, and now you must try to reconstruct 5 years of work while sobbing uncontrollably.

So, to sum that one up, don't.

6. Use a small paint roller.

(optional) 7. Don't mind me.

jb said...

I think your cats are pissed at you. Maybe they need some cat therapy.

Yes Oprah is real and everyone loves her especially my mother more then what I would consider normal....????

Same place my pictures went to ????? photo heaven.

I'm pretty sure you can open a new file and rename it or save it as new. Look don't try it until you backup your novel please I can't take the guilt.

I don't know how to fix things sorry can't even answer this. Maybe you can find an Ikea and just get a new one maybe????

Great questions Maggie love it.....have a great day love. Hope this helped you...lol

huggs alot

Sam said...

Hahaha! Very good questions all - and that library/ living room is the perfect place to sit in and contemplate them!

bernthis said...

oprah is real. that is the best I can do for you.

Lola said...


The kitties obviously don't like the litter or the spot you picked to place the box. Maybe try different litter or move the box. My kitties have their boxes in the cellar, with a cat door going down, and we've never had a problem.

Our friend had her litter box in a very bright spot, and the cats wouldn't use it. She moved it to a dark, spare bathroom, and voila. Kitties like the dark for sure. No matter what you do, you have to get rid of the smell on the floor in the sunroom or they'll never stop. Good luck with that.

As for Oprah, hell, yeah, she's real. I think she's full of shit a lot of the time, but she certainly does exist.

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