Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Life and Death of Henry Granju, a TV Special To Watch

As many of you know, Kate's son Henry died this year of a drug overdose. Please visit her here and learn about an upcoming televised special on Henry's story as well as the state of prescription drug abuse with our teens.
Gayle said...

A striking fear in the hearts of many mothers. I constantly watch my teens for signs...of anything...but they are so easy to miss.

(Thanks for stopping by my blog. I liked the star to and wanted to stop there, but Elijah was so insistent. I knew if we did more at such a late hour I would mess up. The batman looks horrible, but at least my 4-year old knew what it was).

amber said...

I got this in my inbox late last night, as well. Definitely tuning in... if I can find it online. Through Henry I have learned that it is possible to both love and miss someone I have never met. I feel like this child was my brother/friend/child all in one. It breaks my heart.

Paula said...

Thanks so much for keeping this on the forefront. I did not know of this story until you began writing of it and being the mom to sons (one named Henry at that)it has really resonated with me.

I continue to check in with her and continue to pray for the family.

Steph(anie) said...

Thank you, Maggie, for sharing this with us. I had never read her blog before. What a terrible loss.

Elizabeth said...

I look forward to watching this special -- I've followed Katie's blog for some time and so admire her honesty and breathtaking ability to articulate her grief. Thank you for posting about it -- I will do so as well!

Anonymous said... will air it the same day that it airs on local television.

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