Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hot Chocolate Stand

Lola made her hot chocolate stand Sunday, and with friends, set up in high spirits and holiday cheer. Smiling is her FAVORITE. Thanks, Buddy.

" the stockings were hung by the chimney with care / in hopes that Saint Nick soon would be there "
She set it up and out and waited with her whole Whoheart.

Friends bought.

The littlest Who in Whoville was obsessed with marshmallows. I am obsessed with KISSING HER FACE RIGHT OFF HER FACE, as Lola and I tell her daily. I love this tiny person SO FREAKING MUCH!!! OK back to scheduled program.

Cuteness overload.

They hollered and shouted HOT CHOCOLATE until Ever yelled back, STOP BARKING!
(We have dogs. Two. Big, Barking, Dogs.)

But despite the grandma and the friends and the mom, very, very little hot chocolate was sold.
In fact, we must sadly report that if the Grinch was depending on making his heart five sizes bigger from holiday cheer, he would have to stay with the shrunken heart. No one smiled! No one said ' sorry, can't buy but good job, kid! ' or ' how cute! ' or  I don't know, Your hair is pretty!! Just say SOMETHING NICE

Well we end our sad story with the mother having gotten her undies in a wad and the hot chocolate selling daughter handling it much better. A little miffed, but happy to go and play with her friends afterward.
So Grinches galore, Whoooos Caresss About Youuuusss:
I'll take my Whooooos.

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