Sunday, November 25, 2012

there's a little black spot on the sun today

tomorrow morning we three, Lola, Ever and Mommy-me- rise early to prepare the hot chocolate booth of red and white and Christmas cheer. Lola has a broken arm. we have an adorable toddler in tow. two points for us. Lola is saving for an Ipod mini and this is a way for her to earn money. we will walk two blocks, not even two, and park our wares at the old and beautiful park next to the running train where all the parents and children gather on saturday and sunday mornings. we have marshmallows and red sugar sprinkles and spoons and red cups and Lola made a sign. oh! i just thought, i wish we had a christmas bell to ring. maybe we could take down the white rooster bell on the porch and use that.
it's after midnight. tomorrow, ian might help, so that would be four. mr. curry will be working, as he did today. long, hard days of work, and i love him for doing it. dakota is eighteen and didn't call to tell me where he was staying and i didn't realize it until a half hour ago, which was about midnight, and i'm tired of calling him in the middle of the night saying 'are you coming home?' he always apologizes for forgetting to call, very sincerely, but he'll forget again. i love him so, so...SO. all right. off to make myself sleep.

that'll do, pig. that'll do.
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