Monday, November 26, 2012


Like mother.....
like daughter. But she wasn't tipsy.
Dakota and girlfriend hanging with Ever. 
Champagne. My favorite.
Blurry love.
Ever helping set the table.
My mom's delicious veggie mix.
The table before plate settings. So pretty.
The pack.
Our four beauties. Dakota, 18  Ian, 16  Lola, 10 and Ever, 23 months
The guys cracking up.
Pumpking pie and homeade whipped cream...

The look on HER face, and.....
the look on her face!

She's got legs, she knows how to smother her daughter with them...

Lola's green green cast


Caroline said...

Maggie, looks like a gorgeous Thanksgiving with your gorgeous crew! Your mom's house always looks so cozy and pretty! And green for a cast? Well, that's my favorite color! Lola knows how to do it! :) I ADORE the picture of the guys cracking up! Nothing makes me happier than just sitting around watching people have a great time! xoxo!

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