Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jumpin Johosaphat, Halloween Was Awesome!

Never has any toddler loved Halloween night more passionately than Ever Elizabeth. At almost 23 months and prepped for a full month beforehand by her sister and mother with an arsenal of Halloween books, old cartoons, new cartoons, Target/Party City trips to view the Halloween scaries, costume shopping, Halloween music and discussions, Ever was beyond prepared. She came game on. We arrived at the scene and she immediately hit the ground running, yelling ' Happy Halloween! ' and ' Trick or Treat! ' and ' Thank you, Good Job! ' to every person large or small that passed our way. 

Every time we'd come across a cool decoration, Ever would yell MOMMY LOOK! and get a closer inspection of the ghoulish face/skeleton/whathaveyou. She wasn't afraid of a single thing, all night. 

My sweet Lola has a little bit of a hard time on Halloween. She loves the Halloween build up, and all things surrounding it, but the actual night makes her anxious. She did better this year than the last few years, I was really proud of her. Being with Mr. Curry always helps her, and he made sure to spend time walking with just her, holding her hand and making her laugh. 

Ever scaring the adults.

Lola's costume is a little obscured by her jacket but you get the idea. Her and Ever were so cute together as monsters.

Oooooo Pumpkins!

More oohhing and ahhhing at the decor. I mean, just pure joy. Irresistible. Every one around us was remarking over her all night. So much fun.

OK so maybe not 100% pure joy. Getting photographed is not high on her list of fun Halloween activities. Grandma Mary got some good pictures though!

True love.

Here the come!

I love this picture because there is something old feeling about it even though it happened hours ago. It could be the seventies!  ( God forbid. ) And Ever is pissed. She wants down and she wants more chocolate, NOW. And Lola is thrilled. Time to go home and eat candy and watch It's the Big Pumpkin, Charlie Brown with the family. 

Amelia said...

I needed this joy and beauty today, thank you!

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