Saturday, November 17, 2012

november sanctuary

Ever Elizabeth 23 months old
25 pounds
a tiny girl full of spunk and heart

Lola Moon 10 years old
85 pounds?
a tall coltish girl full of mischievous joy and the shadows of angst

Lola is writing a book on her Ipad about her recent experiences getting picked on by her group of girlfriends that suddenly fell apart

Ever loves Lola's friends and screams for them by name when they come over
She pounds on Lola's door and says ' Lola! It's your Kinney!'

Lola says ' I think Ever thinks she owns me. Like I'm her possession. Like I'm part of her to boss around.'
She adds: ' I am. '

Ever runs from Lola's admonitions

Always moving.

The three of us. 

And one broken arm. Two places. Ouch. Cast on Monday.

Ever has a repatoire of faces. 

Toddlers are so freaking cute when they squat.

We read everywhere. 

My darling girl, you are growing up.

But slowly.

Coffee Bean yogurt and hot chocolate.

I might want some of that...

Always moving.

Ever drinking the last of Lola's hot chocolate. My shoes? Have holes in them. But I can't let go!

On to Michaels. Always moving.

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