Monday, September 8, 2008

Nie Nie Dialogues

A small kindness can expand infinitely. 'Nie', as bloggers know her, is the beautiful young married mother of 4 children under the age of 6, who blogged at the well loved Nie Nie Dialogues blog. Her joyous spirit, faith, beauty, creativity, wonderful attitude toward parenting and loving marriage were staples of the blog, along with fantastic pictures that gave us all a small illumination into her special light.

Nie's husband Christian has wanted to be a pilot since boyhood, and Nie was supporting him in this quest as he took lessons for his pilot's license. She has even hung his old maps over their youngest- Gigs- crib.

And then this August, Nie, Christian and his instructor were flying in a small plane, and crashed. The instructor sadly died days later. Nie is burnt over 80% of her body, and Christian over 30%. Their four small children are living with their Aunt, who posts daily updates on her sisters condition at The many sisters of Nie, brother and parents have come together to take on separate duties during this time. The blogging community has come together in a large group effort to help raise money for this family's care- Nie and Christian's medical care will be in the millions.

Nie's daily beauty of heart and spirit are expanding in the most amazing way. The support and generosity of heart from the community around is wonderful, but they continue to need monetary help.

Tomorrow morning, some of the family will be on the Today show.

If you can contribute or donate in any way, check in at Nie's Recovery site:

Anonymous said...

I read Nie. :(

Anonymous said...

This is so awful and tragic. I will remember them in my prayers. Thank you for sharing.

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