Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mr. Curry and the Crazies

if you can't pick up the crying baby of your past, maybe the love you create in the present can make it's way across the room and do it for you.

Mr. Curry is my husband, meet a man who lovingly supports me through the Crazies that occur inside me when my past rears it's head and takes over what was a normal, sweet mannered suburban mom, wife, writer. he's been amazing this last week, doing most of the disciplining, the driving (which is legend, with three children all in school and various activities) and the holding of one upset wife when the kids are gone.

Mr. Curry is my best friend and my love. i have known him since i was 18. i have never met anyone in my life i could spend so much time with and still enjoy it. there is nothing i do, (ok not NOTHING, but...:) that isn't bettered or enhanced with his presence. driving is better when he's in the seat next to me. grocery shopping is better when he's walking next to me. we laugh so much! this is a great force against the Crazies. laugh. we laugh a lot in our house.

and ... you know...there is between the sheets. i am a Scorpio, and a writer, and a woman. the activities of love are part of my marrow, and Mr. Curry and i have sparks to light a forest fire.
sometimes the kids are all in the far sunroom and i drag him, or he drags me, into the bedroom, lock the door, and try not to giggle as we hurry up before someone realizes we are actually enjoying time without them. we call this the kids sensing a disturbance in the Force.

i have so much to be thankful for. the Crazies and the Darkness unfortunately have a large place in my life, my childhood was terribly sad and scary. but the present is not. it is the challange of the Crazies to drag myself into the present and force my eyes open LOOK.

LOOK what you HAVE.
Montgomery Maxton said...

hats off to mr curry

jillian said...

you should get a camera, it will "bring you happiness" or something

Anonymous said...

Hi, there. I loved this post. You look so beautiful,and your husband looks handsome. I don't see how you both keep up the love life with kids. My kids are so nosey:) My seven year old yelled out "Are ya'll having sex in there?" when we were together in one room with the door shut. Where did she learn that? We don't even have cable. We giggled and didn't answer--hoping she would forget the word. Don't worry--I had a horrible childhood too. Crazies happen. Whenever my mother calls, I get sick. So I can relate to what you've been going through. Just hang in there and it will pass. Take Care.

Maggie May said...

montgomery that sounds like a great 50's movie, ' Hats Off To Mr. Curry '

jillian i LOVE photo. can't afford it right now.

carolina thanks. that story made me laugh out loud! it's veeery similar to a story about Lola, i'll post it some time.

Valerie Loveland said...

What a nice post!

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