Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. Curry!

Here's looking at you, Mr. Curry And just a few things we love about you...
There are so many reasons we love you!
2 Things about this one: You have big, beautiful worker hands. You make me smile like this.
You are the best wrestler Evah!
Remember this day, this night at the hotel? We danced like crazy with the kids, then Mom took the kids and we headed back to the hotel... I have so much fun with you
(Left to Right: Ian, Mr. Curry, Me (when I was blonde), Mom, Lola and Dakota)
You look at me like this (even when I do have a charmingly sweet silly desert headwear on)
Plus, you are h.o.t. on a bike.
You are the lovingest, coolest Uncle ever.
You never complain when the kitchen looks like this (for that, you definitely get first mention in the Dedication of my book :)
You taught Dakota and Ian how to ride! Plus you let them make the fire and light fireworks.

The Beginning... Happy Birthday Mr. Curry!!!!
Collin said...

Sweet pictures.

Emily A. Benton said...

i'm loving all the pictures on your site right now (up above, below, all around!)

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