Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Bodie, our golden retriever, is the biggest goof ever. Here is his theme song:

' Bodieeeee / Bodie Muchachas / King of the Wild Frontier! '

Wolfgang, or Wolfie, or Toofie, is a big lug, mostly hair, a beautiful mutt. The two dogs are the most codependant animals you can imagine. When we leave they stand, ears pricked, looking at us like ' you are not possibly LEAVING US, your loyal and loving dogs, are you? '

When one of our four cats come up to their food bowl, the dogs move out of the way for the cats to eat their food. The cats rub up against the dogs asking for affection. Harry Potter has developed a love of dog food, which is so strange, because the dog food pieces are bigger than his whole mouth.

This is Huckleberry, our beagley beagle we had to give away :( He was a doll but waaaay too much of a handful for me. He's very happy in his new home :) Here you see him trying to hitch a ride with Barbie.

Bodie is Dakota Wolf's dog, in the most beautiful, classic sense of that expression. Bodie loves Dakota slavishly, totally, 24 hours a day. They sleep together. Or, I should say, Bodie sleeps on TOP of Dakota. Everywhere Dakota goes, Bodie wants to be there.
jen said...

thanks for sharing your pups! i love cats and dogs' relationships. my cat and dog alternately protect their food from one another, so obviously your pooches are more generous.
is wolfie the big one? i just want to give him a big squeeze!

melissa c said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I always love meeting a fellow lover of the imagination.

We will have to keep in touch. I would love to pick your brain. I am almost finished with my first novel and am wondering about agents, publishing, etc....

We are dog lovers too. I have two goldens and a Shi Tzus. They make life fun.

P.S. I am also a pianist and I LOVE the picture you have at the top of your blog. Very sensual and beautiful. I've always been a hopeful romantic.

kimberly said...

they are sooo cute! our dog is CRAZY! but in a good way.....we live downtown so just knowing that she would rip someone apart if they were to to break in makes up for the fact that we can't take her anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Omgosh, what a bunch of beautiful, hairy, love buckets!

For me, dogs alone are proof there is a Heaven with angels to share. :)

A cup of Caffein said...

I like your dogs... My favorite dog is golden retriever. And Then I like Irish Setter...:-)

Anonymous said...

Your photos are darling! I think it is funny that the cats eat the dogs' food.

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