Sunday, September 21, 2008

Zombie Slush Facts

Arlene Ang tagged me to reveal...duhduhDUH.....6 facts about myself.

1. I adore Victorian era information the last few years, and anything about Queens. I have watched Marie Antoinette many times because the Shoes! the Furniture! the Colors!
the Clothes! the Food! (and cool 80's soundtrack)
2. I worked at a Orthodox Jewish preschool for over a year and learned more about that religion than you would believe possible from a preschool. Shabbat Shalom! Hey!
3. I am half way through my novel and it is winning. This is not a good thing.
4. We have 4 cats, Harry, Hagrid, Hermione and Kagome.
5. My husband has the best legs you will ever see on a man. Technically, this is not about me, but it is something I love and appreciate every day. So.
6. I am a Scorpio.

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Emily A. Benton said...

i know what you mean! the shoes and food in Marie Antoinette are what make that film!

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