Thursday, April 4, 2013

A List of Small Import

Things I Keep Thinking About

Jessica Mitford
Ink drawings of foxes
Fetish porn
The pain in my side
My liver
My gallbladder
Mr. Curry
My sister
Moving to Nashville in two years ( maybe )
My swollen gums
How for the first time in my entire life I am not regularly brushing my teeth
How those are not parallel for no reason
Lena Dunham
The opening sequence and music to Romancing the Stone and how it always makes me feel happy
Danny Devito in Romancing The Stone and how adorable and ridiculous he is
Starbucks espresso shots with whipped cream 
The amount of sugar and sodium in so many things
How to protect Dakota when he is so far away
The fact that I cannot protect Dakota when he is so far away
The fact that every one dies
The fact that I can't really comprehend that I will die
The fact that I spend a lot of time thinking about death
Who will take care of my children when they are old and ill
Making my kids get long term health insurance when they are my age
How the longer I think the more things I list that I can't control but desire to
The one time Mr. Curry filled a room, an entire bedroom, ENTIRELY, with balloons that each had a different reason he loved me written on them
How sex is way sexier now than in my 20's
How I'm going to turn 40 at some point here
The movie Practical Magic & how it's Lola's favorite & I love it & Nicole Kidman looks fresh awesome gorgeous 
How Keith Urban got NICOLE tattooed on his bicep
How I can't wait to see my name tattooed on Mr. Curry 
How possessive I am of what and who I love
How the word 'whom' is leaving the English language
How fussy Ever is lately because she's got a cold in her chest
How Mr. Curry and I take turns pounding her back a few times a day because we learned in the RSV hospital stay that helps loosen mucus
How LOOSEN MUCUS should be the name of a Harry Potter villan

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