Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Ever in her 'getup' as my grandpa would have said. I miss my Grandpa MD Gardner. What did the D stand for? Ah. NOTHING! That's the secret. His name was Man. I've never heard of anyone named Man outside my Grandpa. A good name for a novel.

I love this so much.

E ( Lola's bestie ) and Ian and Kins and Lola. We were heading out somewhere. Ian is so much fun to hang out with right now. He likes to tease me because teenagers do that,  but we can spend hours out running errands talking.  

The baby of the family. Her face is immediate and  yet feels already gone to me, the mother of four, it's so hard to stay in the moment because I know all too well how quickly this tiny person will be gone. I see in her my own face at her age, and Ian, too, and when she crinkles her nose and eyes a certain way she is a ringer for her Daddy.

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