Sunday, April 7, 2013

People In Your Neighborhood

A story so vividly written, an old lady so fiercely alive.

Augusten Burroughs, a literary love of mine and Mr. Curry, gets married.

Could this be any more charming? Mark Twain's Advice To Little Girls. circa 1865

This was hard to read. It's a beautifully rendered piece- On Divorce.

The Onion's short little paragraph on Roger Ebert's passing made me cry. The perfect salute.

Dirty Dancing Cinemash with Charlyne Yi and Channing Tatum. Ha! 

Monica Bielanko's 7 Ways I Saved My Marriage. She is one of the last paid bloggers keeping it real. I read everything she writes. Even her 'theme' posts are above the ordinary- she's done one on tattoos on women throughout history and the evolution of the baby stroller- actually interesting instead of mind numbing scrolling. 

I'm going to be sitting down with Lola today and looking through this with her- 18 Celebrity Photoshop Before and After Images. Crucial to young boys and girls understanding of media, femininity, advertising and self image.

The Sprinter and The Trudger

So last week I linked The Actual Pastor's manifesto about not telling parents to enjoy it now,  because they grow up so fast. This week, thanks to Elizabeth, I'm linking you to his wife, Mary Wiens, and her tale of how her frustration and sadness at the extreme changes wrought on her athletic body by twin pregnancy and birth were transformed by her profound realizations. Every now and then someone writes an essay on this subject- this is the best I've read in blogland.

Happy Reading.

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