Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Keep Returning To Martin

There's everything and nothing to say. Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand, million words, or a thousand million cries of grief. 

I threw a flower in the fountain today for each of the four people who died. The student, the sweet freckled girl, the little boy, the police officer.

I am reading this book, The Little Ice Age, and it covers the weather period of 1300-1600 I think. All throughout this book enormous numbers of people suffer and die, in all parts of the world, for all kinds of random reasons, some I can process and some I cannot. Our lives are so fragile. Only the love we have for each other and life can bring healing to those who are left behind, and there will be never ending waves of those left behind for as long as human beings live. I want a world that continues to be better for all those left behind and to come. I want Martin's message to be heard, so I put it here. We do what we can. 

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