Thursday, April 4, 2013

Anti-Progress Committee

Anti Progress Committee: Sometimes the best is to forget goal making, list life changing go opportunity makeithappen and simply exist where you are, in the moment of your life, where you sit, feeling your feet on the ground like the yogis tell us, our toes against the concrete or wood or grass, our shoulders hunched can relax, we remember that we breathe, we see, we forget what we try to be and embrace what we are, we wake up in the middle of our day and for the first time in all those hours of consciousness we see the sky, listen to the sound of ----, let our bodies fall into the present and our minds break open and fall away and fill with the awe and pleasure of simply being alive. The birds in the tree. The traffic far off.  Our itchy ass. The fat lump behind the bra. The washer thumping. The space around. Art cannot be created without existence. Existence cannot be illuminated without consciousness. Consciousness cannot be expressed without awareness. Awareness cannot be profound without Now. Now cannot be known without stopping.

Join my Committee and do nothing but the one thing you were born to do: live now.

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