Monday, April 29, 2013

Up In The LBC

Dakota's first place on his own. We all loaded up and went for a day trip on Saturday to see our boy. 18, and he's learning guitar ( already plays bass ) working two different jobs ( tree work and putting together sound stages for music shows- he's at Coachella right now! ) and starting college soon, thinking about majoring in classical music. His band is practicing all the time; they have their first show in June! and a Facebook page- Like It I brought down a barrel full of vitamins- mostly fish oil- from my mom, per his request because he ran out. He's taking his vitamins! Score. I won't mention what his bathroom and kitchen look like. I wanted to drop our plans for the day and clean! I remember what my boyfriend's bathtub looked like when I was 17. You could have fed a colony of minnows.

We were all just overwhelmed with happiness to be together. It was more emotional coming to his turf than it was when he left. Somehow when he left, it was so easy to take it in stride as another one of his coming and goings, fooling ourselves that he was going going this time, but when we arrived at his new town, his new place, we couldn't hide from the fact that he had truly broken free. I felt a sudden, irrational anger at Long Beach and a flush of tears that wanted to come. That's Jake ( Dakota's best friend and bandmate ) Dakota and Ian up there.

Chuck's. Dakota eats there pretty regularly and Chuck's is an institution, been around for decades, was where Sublime went to jam and eat and bullshit around when they started making music. I had a omelette that was amazing, and inspired me to up my omelette skills when I got home, which I have.

The dog groomers next door to Chuck's produced this tiny little woman and her enormous dog. I think she could saddle that thing and ride him around town.

The picture on the left cracks me up. This is pure Ever. She is terrified and in love with vacuums, and the first thing she wanted to know when we got to Dakota's place was where his vacuum was. He produced it, and we took this picture. The oil drill on the right was one of the surprises of Long Beach- there are oil drills everywhere, in the most unexpected of places. We saw one right in the middle of an apartment complex! What a weird view. Long Beach is an oil town, that's where the money started.

Our four on Signal Hill

I love this picture so much. I love these kids so much. When they are all together I'm filled with this absolute contentment and satisfaction tinged with disbelief: how did I get so lucky? I always, always wanted a big family. And because of money and health issues, I didn't think I'd get it. I was blissfully wrong.

I think our guys look Italian here! Cracks me up. All they need is gold neck chains.
My boy. My boy!

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