Monday, September 5, 2011

101 Ways To Smile: Do Something Ridiculous

Yes, please.

Other ridiculously fun ideas:

take a shaving cream bath

paint your entire body

buy water soakers and get in a squirt gun fight

do nothing but bake all day, filling your kitchen and table with plated goodies, and then invite your friends over, your kids friends, your family

every family member in a costume, all day, everywhere you go. no explanations

dye everyone in your family's hair the same temporary color
(then take a picture!)

go on a mud-hike in the rain (we've done this, so fun!)

clear out your living room and have a dance contest


January Dawn said...

I must do the costume one. Now THAT'S funny. Since my 3 year old goes pretty much everywhere in some sort of superhero costume it seems only fair to him. ;)

Unknown said...

I pretty much live in fancy dress and I'm 41!

I love being ridiculous.

Sarah xxx

Unknown said...

I'd totally do the costume one. I've done the mud hike, several times. And that picture looks insanely fun.

justmakingourway said...

The costume one is an awesome idea! I love costumes. We do the last one several times a week, my kids love our "dance parties!"

Petit fleur said...

Those bubble things kind of freak me out, but I love to look at them.

Love your list. Very lively!

One time a long time ago I was dying my hair auburn and Mr. Fleur decided he wanted to do his hair too... won't it be fun and all. And it was! Only his hair turned super red because he has blondish red color anyway. Needless to say the guys at work had fun with it for quite a while. I wish we had taken a photo.

Love you,

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