Friday, September 30, 2011

Welcome SPONSOR: Novembrin *Hand Made Felt Objects of Desire*

SO, the whole reason November is a Flux Capacitor sponsor is because I saw her store on Etsy, and fell in love. Her skill is undeniable. She takes felt and makes it into objects- usually animals- that positively brim with personality and charm. The details are gorgeous. I traded a mama and baby elephant set and gave them to Lola, who adores and plays with them. They aren't meant to be man handled played, but Lola is nine, so she can gently play. I mean, look at these--

I mean, COME ON. Look at this hedgehog. So cute!!!
Pumpkins for Fall decor
...and this little pair that I want! She also takes requests
Marion said...

Wow, what an amazing talent. That owl looks ready to hoot and fly away. Beautiful stuff!!! xo

Unknown said...

Ooh that snowy owl is pretty amazing. Clever and beautiful - I see xmas pressies!

Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

i love the little raccoon!
besos, maggie!!

Jeanne Estridge said...

Those are amazing!

Chaos and love said...

I love the colors! Needlefelting is my zen time. I adore mixing colors and creating objects from fibers. THanks for sharing her wonderful creation!!!

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