Friday, April 20, 2012

Family Matters

Family Matters List

of things that matter ( to my family ) ( which also, naturally, includes myself ) *

there are things going on and i HATE reading there are things going on because this isn't a jane austen novel i realize but that is all i can really and truly write online, here, so i have to leave at that, at things going on, and they are Things We Do Not Like, and In Fact, Hate Their Guts. i'm scared right now. mr. curry is too. we could use prayers. please direct your good and strong energies to 
maggie may ethridge
midland road, san diego
the little blue and white condo on the corner with the wrap around porch full of kid toys
(and dog hair)
(thank you) (this is not medical) (this is not about our marriage)

if you could use prayers, please try to use the comments to tell me, and i'll pray for you. i say try, because according to your emails and FB messages, my comments are sometimes working, but if they have a headache and can't stop thinking about the blizzard of '93, they don't work, or don't even show up at all. 

our dogs are out of control. due to being Highly Neurotic and inbred and sent by the devil with two horns, they are- despite sleeping in our bedroom every night, having each other for company, getting walked and having daytime company often these days- pooping and sometimes peeing all over. mostly pooping. they get taken out a billion times to poo. they get brushed, and fed, and watered, and yes, made fun of, but so does everyone else in our family. our next Family Meeting is this weekend and The Thing With The Dogs is going to be addressed. 

you know that thing where you were like, twenty, and your ass was high and and your stomach flat and you were thinking, for like two seconds, about how stripping really is some kind of feminist statement anyway, and the money is awesome and besides how else can you pay for school? when you have those same desperate thoughts about money, it's not quite as convincing at 37. 

mr. curry and i were thinking he might go On The Road (thanks JK for the lifetime of not being able to say that without thinking of you) and make Much More Money but after going over the negatives of this in my mind and with a girlfriend at coffee (shoutout Stephanie!) i realized that my husband would be living off of soda, water, burgers and tacos, in addition to sleeping in strange hours for odd amounts of time, and then two weeks of this later come home to me and four kids. no. not so much. next idea.

recent Facebook exchange between Dakota and myself:
Dakota posted: " that awkward time when you just have to slap a hoe "
I commented: " that even more awkward time when your mother reminded you that not only is 'slap a hoe' so 1995 but is also spelled 'ho', unless you are talking about abusing gardening tools, in which case, carry on "
He replied: " awww mom letta playa do his thing " ( from Dakota, this is very 'wink wink' with a smile )

I got like eight likes from his friends. Score mom!!!
( i have to point out to detract the haters, that this is a joke between my son and his best girl friend, and in no way does he support or agree with violence toward women )

Cetta said...

We could use some good energy/prayers out this way (Clevelandish, OH) and I'll send some out your way!

Chrissy said...

I am squeezing my eyes shut tight, and sending all sorts of color and light in your direction. xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxo

N2 said...

Sending a stream of positive mojo your way. I'm in France, so it is going up and over the curve, past Greenland and down the coast of CA on a nonstop flight so it gets there faster. Wishing you better days.
x0 N2

Helen said...

Maggie, I am thinking of you now and do so on a daily basis. Please know you have a friend you've never met in Virginia.

CitricSugar said...

i hope that whatever it is that's going on ceases without causing damage and retreats never to be seen or heard from again leaving goodness and wonder in its wake.

I'm totally down with a prayer swap. You have mine; I'll take yours. Much love, dear girl!

a work in progress said...

sending heart xxx

Caroline said...

Maggie, sending love your way and I'm (literally) lighting a candle today for you in prayer. Love you and hang in there my lovely friend.

p.s. I am taking serious notes from you so that when Oliver is a teen I can earn some FB cool points too! :)

p.p.s. I read this the other day and it helped me with something we were struggling with: "If you can't move the mountain, Own the climb!" I loved that and thought of you. You always, always own the climb.

Hyacinth said...

Sending you lots and lots of good thoughts and prayers and light.

Petit fleur said...

Dearest Maggie,

Please remember that we are always ok... it's the anticipation of not being so, or of the unknown or of big changes that are not of our own initiation that sends us into sweaty palm panics...

I do not want to sound like some new age wannabe here, but we are in a position which is not favorable in many ways. My hub is between jobs, we are moving across the country, we need to get at least one new car (ours are on last legs) we have limited resources and an albatross (I mean house) to sell, and a metric fuck ton of things to get rid of.... We won't get into the medical conditions of two of our family members...(Not life threatening, but intense none the less) And I'm sure there's more, but I can't see them for the fog!

I'm not comparing or doing a one uppy thing here, I'm just trying to say, that I empathize like nobody's business. We have been in dire straights since the birth of our son 6 years ago... and we have thought for six years that the sky is falling. It hasn't yet. *Although it has come pretty f-ing close a few times! :-) But knowing that as long as we're all breathing and somewhat healthy and have friends and family, we have the power to change what we can and need to and the rest will figure itself out. At most we'll be very uncomfortable for a while.

I am going to pray in my way for you all and I am hoping that you find a good mantra for yourself to get you through the moments when you feel like it's all unraveling.

I have the utmost faith in you, Mr. Curry, your fam and your resources, tangible and non tangible. Your minds and hearts being the most valuable of them all.

I love you guys.

Maggie May said...

Wow. Whatever else, I am lucky to have you people to talk with. Thank you for the amazing words and prayers. xoxox

Kelly said...

Major love coming your way. Think positive. All tunnels have the light at the end you know, it's just that some of those bastards are LOOONG. I just wrote a post about being a young mum, very much inspired by reading your blog.

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