Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nursing with Ever ( and Lola!? )

Elizabeth said...

That photo is just pure light, girl.

krista said...

i knew you would appreciate this:
i was nursing dash early one morning and finn came in and crawled in bed with me. this generally causes dash to unlatch and swing his head around every time she moves or speaks. since i was trying to unclog a milk duct, this was a tad bothersome. the clogged duct has been a recurring problem and i've taken the time to explain it to finn when i've needed some privacy so that dash won't get distracted.
this particular morning, when dash swung his head around and my boob flopped (quite painfully) out of his mouth, finn looked over his body at my nipple and said in the sweetest voice possible 'oh NO, mommy! you have a milk blister! poor mommy!'
that moment...the tiny four year old being my nurse, my comrade, my empathetic little lady flipped some sort of switch in me and i saw her understanding of life start to overlap with what i teach her and i felt comforted.
and then the blister finally popped and i was able to unclog the duct.
and everything felt....righted.
(this was rambling, i know. but i figured it anyone would understand, it would be you.)

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