Sunday, April 22, 2012

People In Your Neighborhood

take a seat and read!

Rage Against The Minivan < Kristen is a brave woman. A liberal Democrat, she went on Fox news to discuss the controversy over Ann Romney's remarks about stay at home mothers. and the hate response, while predictable, is still so suck. She responds, with intelligence and humor.

At Huffington Post < Jessica Ashley writes about why divorced parents are always reconciling in the movies. 

The Happiest Mom < Meagan writes about her own spring cleaning- a financial tune up. I'm so there.

The Feminist Breeder < ' Judging Moms May Be Good For Your Traffic But It's Bad For Your Feminism ' LOVE this post.

Caroline said...

Oh wow! I can't wait to read the Happiest Mom one too. All good links as always!

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