Monday, April 9, 2012

Gone Away Lake

A few weekends ago it was rainy and cold, and we went to Poway Lake to feed the ducks. If you look at the far left bank, you can see Ever bending over, then Mr. Curry walking behind her, then way over on the right side, Lola running.

Ever was fearless. She's clearly communicating with the white duck. Her look says.... what the heck?

We brought stale bread and watched a fisherman with his children. He caught a fish, and then beat it to death alongside the rocks.

I tried to think of happier things. Like these guys.

Ever is sixteen months old now. She says 'Hi Dada' in the cutest voice. Everything she says sounds ridiculously cute, she's a baby! And she has, in my humble and fair opinion, an adorable voice. She can point out her ears, nose, mouth, hair, head and eyes. Oh, and her bellybutton- which says DING DONG

Lola is ten. Ten and I"m watching as she is creeping out of childhood toward something else. It's marvelous and painful, like a lot of change is.

My girl!!!

37paddington said...

Such a beautiful family!

Unknown said...

That picture of Ever facing it off with the ducks gave me a giggle. Then I got jealous and nostalgic over the paddle boats. I haven't encountered paddle boats in years and just love them.

Caroline said...

I can't believe how fast Ever is growing! She is a cutie PIE.

And I love your description of Lola's growing as marvelous and painful. Yes. Isn't that how most change is? Perfectly put. Makes me think about giving birth--marvelous but Painful.

xo to the whole family.

Elizabeth said...

They are each so beautiful and precious. It's been a privilege to watch your girls grow (and in Ever's case, be born!)over the years on this blog.

Cetta said...

I know what you mean; my youngest will be ten soon. Hard to believe. Great pictures, as always.

bron@expressivecompulsive said...

I like your happier things. I would do the same.

Your girls are delightful.

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