Friday, October 26, 2012

A Morning of Photos

Ever finishing breakfast / Dogs finishing Ever's breakfast

I'm teaching Ever ABC's and 1-5

Green tea

My side of the table....

Lola's side of the table.

Mr. Curry brought home a ton of unopened food from a job. The man was moving to Japan and was going to throw away all his food! After picking out the things we'd actually eat, this was left, which we will donate to the food pantry.

Halloween decor

I re-remind myself all the time, with each child as they grow, of one of the things my Mom taught me about caring for small children: they want to do everything you do. FInding a way to include them instead of trying to work separately while keeping them happy with something else is a key to domestic peace.

' Water hot? ' No, sweetie. ' Otay Mommy. '

' More bubbles Mommy? ' 

Those eyelashes.

See her leg? This is a daily battle. ' How did Ever get a marker/pen/pencil?! ' 

Looking out.

We spent an hour outside; I just follow her wherever she wants to go. I think it's important for kids to have time each day where no one is directing them in any way. 

I love this Queen onsie and am bummed she's grown out of it! It's really too small, I just am using it until it pops! Mr. Curry and I both love Queen and he always says the song ' Best Friend ' reminds him of me.


After our walk.

' Mommy I want tootsie-eye! My baby. My Mommy. '

Daddy will be home soon.

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