Tuesday, February 26, 2013

all apologies

baby is obnoxious when she
drinks the gassy prut.
apologize if you thought
this would rhyme with slut.
shame. on. you.
for thinking with your
git er dun the redneck said-
full stop-
apologize for necks of red.
and in memory of those
pink, or rosy hued.
apologize for implies
apologize for imbued.
apologize for perverted winks
& sips of tongue
slips of thought
apologize for having what
u'v got.
or not.
apologize for losing
also winning!'
apologize for madness,
decay, irredeemable bas-tard
apologize for tard
for shameless display of rass
where one would prefer so 
much ass.
apologize through tweet, facebook
blog, social me-di-a
apologize BIG
apologize small
apologize through underground mazes
in Paris
where resistance! was kept.
apologize for dry. for moist. for wet.
apologize for seersuckers suits
molester mustaches, duck beard
brandy swilling migrant geese
apologize for oogling his niece.
once, twice, three! times each.
apologize for you did not know
and never asked
and never imagined
and never had foresight
or skin--
apologize 'gain.
apologize for skinny because i used
to puke my food
apologize for fat because my thighs
are in a mood.
apologize in a dress, a car, a condom,
a panic, a disco, a salad emporium
a vast empire of respressino 
apologize you just made up that word
for Matthew's tragic untimely death,
for Sybil's too
for motherless children
for me, for you.
apologize drunkenly, sober as a a judge.
sober as a bomb. as a drone.
as a silent night.
at my window, radio raised, alone.
goodnight, sinner,
goodnight mistake, 
goodnight bitches.
shit! . sigh. remake.
good night apology
underneath the moon
in your little golden bubble
in your little silent room.

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