Monday, February 25, 2013

messing around in a happy way

This weekend was pretty great. We had Ian all weekend- usually he goes home Saturday night after staying Friday and Saturday day- and Mr. Curry had gift cards to BJ's from the MS walk he moved. He does the moving for this walk every year, and every year they give him gift cards as a way of saying 'thank's- a tip, basically. Every now and again his job gives good tip. So Saturday night we took Ian, Lola and Ever to dinner and it was good. Dessert was better. The people watching was interesting for me because I hardly ever get out, where other adults gather for reasons other than entertaining small people. While we waited ( and waited!) for a table, Mr. Curry took the kids to the video game store and I stayed to secure our spot. Some guys came out, swaggering and smoking and talking, and the alpha male, a dopey guy in a group of dopes, but more arrogant, immediately and loudly started in dissecting the body parts of the girls they were with. " I can't take my eyes off her tits, at least " he said. The one he was with had a crap load of makeup, long hair up in a ponytail/scrunchie, a miniskirt with high pointy heels that she wobbled in on, a tight shirt with pooches of fat coming out the sides, and sad droopy cheeks and sad droopy eyes. I've nothing against dressing sexy, dressing tight and low, but sometimes you see a girl dressed like that and you can immediately read the disrespect toward her body and herself that she put into her outfit. ' Fuck you body, I don't care what you want, this is what he wants...or what I think he wants. '  I could see so much about her, right away. Her body language deferred to these idiots who were appraising her like horse meat. She was begging 'please want to have sex with me, please like me' and the guy was saying ' she'll do for a Friday night ' and I wanted to pull her over and tell her, you are so much more than this.
Of course I did not.
Afterward, when Mr. Curry came back and walked up to meet us in the dark front, with the other adults mingling and murmuring, I thought he looked magnificent. When we used to go dancing all the time, in our 20's, I always compared him to other men. And he always won. He never failed to protect me, never failed to be gentlemanly but still retaining an off color sense of adventure and humor, never failed to somehow, magically make me feel like he wanted to fuck me sideways while at the same time wanting to respect me for life, wanting to have discussions and arguments and debates and always wanting to hear what I think. He opened doors for other women and old people and anyone who needed it, never stared at other women while I was looking ( so smooth ) wasn't impressed with what I considered the wrong things- money, fame, great looks. He kept his emotions close to the vest while still allowing the ( correct ) impression of a deeply loyal and loving man to those closest to him. He is polite to others but not terribly interested unless given a reason to be so. At at time in my life when all the attention I was given was based on looks, he wanted to- and did- have long conversations with me about everything. And here we are, still talking, still....well, you get the idea :)
We came home late and Ever went right to sleep, leaving Mr. Curry and the two other kiddos and I to watch Flight, with Denzel Washington. So good. Really good. Yes, we let 11 year old Lola watch this movie. We have a weird way of deciding what is OK and what isn't, and some nudity and even some sex ( depends, it just does ) is OK, as is some cursing and drug use. We talk about what we see.
Then at past 1am we all startled to the end and realized holy crap, it's late, and slept.
Friday Lola had a girlfriend spend the night who left at midnight with a 'stomachache' read: anxiety, and I felt badly for her. I could relate, kiddo.
Sunday we all went on a long hike. The first part was beautiful. THen Mr. Curry said 'I'll stay with Everkins, you guys go ahead', and somehow Ian managed to cajole me and the girls (Lola and her friend) up, up and up, until before we knew it, we were hiking a mile way up a mountain. Oh my aching ass!
Then Lola wondered why they don't have slide chutes in the large boulders so if you get tired, you just open the door and slide back down. Brilliant.
The view was amazing.
We brought the dogs too. They were in heaven.
It's a beautiful life.

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